Opus Bono Sacerdotii

Fr. Z shares about a ministry to retired priests who have fallen through the cracks and are not being supported in their old age. Opus Bono Sacerdotii help for priests who have nowhere else to turn is filling a need that I did not know about until Fr. Z shared about them. Please visit their web site. I feel heartbroken that good priests, men who have been spiritual fathers and faithfully served Christ and His Church are forgotten in such a way!  Apparently not every diocese has done what they ought to have done to prepare a place for these … Continue reading

Proverbs 22:6 and Abortion

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” ~Proverbs 22:6 I reflect on this verse and see how my countrymen and women have voted for fiscal irresponsibility, and not only preservation of abortion but the forcing of everyone to pay for that evil and I must conclude that several past generations of parents in the United States have FAILED in their duties as parents.  Under their and their children’s watch the culture of death grew. More recently a FEW parents have recognized the failures of the majority … Continue reading

Great Weight Write-off: Admiration

There are twelve in this Great Weight Write-off; eleven women and a gentleman banded together to be accountable in the effort to stick to commitments to greater health. Each person is participating in the way they feel is best. Several have committed to exercise and their diets vary from person to person. I find myself admiring my fellow dieters very much! Please take a moment to visit this week’s weight loss winner over at Writing More Than Happily Every After.  BRAVO!!! The difficulties of eating carefully in a culture where donuts and pastas are common are huge. Each person must … Continue reading

Great Weight Write-off

WEEK TWO of the Great Weight Write-off has been a mixture of stress and success. I lost six pounds and two inches off hip and bust, and 1/2 inch off the waist. A SUCCESSFUL WEEK!! THE WEEK My week was a stressful mess. We are in the process of changing to a new family practitioner. Next time everyone comes down with the same bug, we can now go to the SAME doctor.  We discovered a few health issues and are treating them.  Other health issues are on the watch and testing list. I am having some strong symptoms of diabetes, … Continue reading

Easy Time Saving Cooking

I thought I’d share this cool link I found to a page of recipes for Freezer Crock Pot Cooking. Prepare a month or more of meals in one shot and then use the slow cooker each day and have more time with the family and less time in the kitchen. I do similar things except we use a LOT of frozen veggies and buy meat in large amounts when it is on sale, cook it up and divide it into bags and place it in the freezer. Then you have precooked meat and frozen veggies and cans of tomato and … Continue reading

Stand Up and MOVE!

Stand up and get moving for your health. Over at the Catholic Writer’s Guild is a great post titled, “Creaky Bones? Fitness for Writers” which I found inspirational and reminded me of some things I have done for my health but let slide. Keeping my body healthy is an important part of fulfilling my vocation. It is also important to show my children a good example. I used to do all my internet activity from a desk stationed for standing only. I loaded all my favorite move my body music onto that computer and would play music while I surfed … Continue reading

The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum

The very BEST writing curriculum is designed in the family with good reading and child-interest directed writing assignments. It has two stages. STAGE ONE: Read lots to your children. Read good quality writing from every genre that you want to teach your child to write.  Journalism? Read great journalism to the children. Speeches? Read the great speeches to your children. Mysteries? Adventure? Drama? Science Fiction? Fantasy?  All of the written word, provided it is quality, is the right material to read to your children. Also part of reading is allowing your children access to lots of good quality writing. Encourage … Continue reading

The Great Weight Write-off WEEK 2

Good morning! beginning another week of sticking to our diet plans and working to be healthier. Our lives are enhanced by greater health and so are the lives of our families. One member of the family stepping out and changing actions can make a very big difference in the lives of all members of the family. Especially if that person is doing the cooking! This week my goals are the same as in the past week. Eat on the schedule, on the foods list, and follow doctor’s orders about letting my body heal.  Greater health enhances our performance in our … Continue reading

The Great Weight Write-off: 01-18-13

The Great Weight Write-off update! This week was busy with two attempts at getting an MRI.  I have a fractured and slightly displaced tailbone (part of the car accident injuries–now proven). Yes, I am in pain. (:-P Weight 229 Waist 43 Bust 52 Hip 53 Down side: I have three times not felt hungry, forgotten breakfast, and ended up with low blood sugar and the expected emotional crash, followed by carb cravings. I know better! The Android now alarms at 9 AM to remind me that if I have not eaten that I am LATE. This alarm joins the one … Continue reading

Trial by MRI

Prayer and a stiff dose of medicine to calm my anxieties worked in tandem to get me through my second attempt at a closed MRI. Being a rather fat woman, it felt snug. Yesterday’s attempt resulted in shaking, tears, and panic. Not at all pleasant and rather embarrassing. Today I daydreamed, enjoyed the uninterrupted time to think in peace, said a relaxed 33 prayer rope (Chotki) like my Orthodox buddy Maria uses, and a decade of a rosary, counted out on my fingers. I spent time thinking about such theological truths as the reality of the Holy Trinity along with … Continue reading