Looking To 2013

I love the pristine hopefulness of a new year. A New year has so many possibilities, so much potential and a whole 12 months of adventure in it. I shall make plans and enter into the New Year eagerly and energetically.  How will it turn out?  Will the New Year be a disaster, or success, or something in between?

I resolve to cling tightly to my personal goals.  I plan to adhere to my healthy eating plan, geared to my issues with blood sugar, and my need to lose weight.  How?  I will combat the feelings of deprivation by pampering myself constantly.

I will pamper my palate with foods I love that are on my diet.  I will indulge my love of cooking by creating delicious food that fits my diet and sometimes recreates dishes made from foods available around 1,000AD in Byzantium.

I will indulge my love of quality soft fabrics by using some of the lovely fabric I purchased this year to make some new clothing. I will indulge my love of history and make some new garb for SCA events. I will sew because I enjoy it. I will enter something in an A&S competition at a SCA event this year.

I will indulge my love of learning by setting aside time in my week to curl up with a good book.

I will indulge my love of writing by planning time, uninterrupted time, to write creatively. I will indulge my creativity by planning artist dates and daily morning pages. I will blog twice a week, participate in at least one Writer’s Conference, and take steps to find an illustrator I can afford whose art speaks to me.

I will indulge my love of my children by setting aside time to play with them, snuggle them, and read to them. I will take the interruptions of my day as opportunities to connect.

I will indulge my love for my husband by hugs and going to run errands with him so we have time to chat in the car, which makes the kids sleep, and so we can talk without being interrupted.

I will indulge my love for my friends by setting aside time each week to call them on the phone just to chat and see what is going on in their lives.  I have friends I haven’t called in MONTHS. I will remedy this oversight!

I will indulge my spiritual side by at least one silent retreat in the new year and more visits to Adoration.  I will pray in a more organized fashion and allow for Lectio Divina every day.

I will practice willful holiness in my vocation every day even in the face of distractions and oppression.

So much good to indulge in this year and a whole year in which to get better at indulging in it!

Dear Lord, thank You for the New Year and the many resolutions I have made for this new year. Please help me to succeed in those plans that will draw me closer to You, and fail in those plans which will take me away from You. Thank You for the grace You give to every person. Amen.


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