Abortion and Catholic Teaching

Abortion is an objectively evil act. A Catholic can never approve of, have, participate in, pay for, or take any action that makes abortion more likely to occur without endangering their soul and receiving an automatic excommunication.

A person claiming to be Catholic claimed to me that the Church recognizes that abortion is sometimes necessary.  THIS IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL.  What the Church teaches is that a miscarriage is not a sin.  Therefore, if in the course of saving a woman’s life and attempting to preserve her pregnancy that pregnancy is lost there is no sin.  This is NOT AT ALL the same as approving of abortion. This example is an unfortunate situation where research ought to focus on improving the methods of preserving the child so that loss of pregnancy during life saving emergency care ends.

A vote for the current incumbent president is a vote for abortion, and against the God-given rights of free speech and freedom of religion.  There is NO way to justify choosing to vote for the incumbent.

You may disagree with Governor Mitt Romney, but his record is pro-life. I dislike that he has exceptions in his position because the evil of the male parent is NOT the fault of the child and the child does not deserve to be executed for the sin of his male parent.  Never-the-less there is no better candidate and so he has my vote.

A Catholic who adheres to a heresy such as the one that claims exceptions for abortion and does not study the documents and correct their error once it is pointed out to them is in deep danger of being a formal heretic and bound for hell. This too is Church teaching.

Dear Lord please help the Catholics who hold to heresy to be disturbed and made miserable until they study the Church teachings You gave us and please grant them the grace to conform to Your teachings on Life as preserved and taught by the Catholic Church. Please give us political leaders who will preserve all God given rights diligently–ESPECIALLY the foundational right to LIFE. Amen.

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