Ordinary Goodness: Vatican II

Vatican II is a set of guidelines for a powerful revival in the Catholic Church, a revival capable of pulling many separated brethren and lukewarm Catholics back to the true Faith. Therefore, the powers of hell have worked tirelessly to influence individuals to undermine the work of Vatican II; an undermining made possible by many years of bad or non-existent religious education and general spiritual laziness on the part of the majority of Christians.

I think it will be the LAITY, loyal to the Pope and to Church Teaching, who will respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and through reform of their own hearts and lives bring about the proper implementation of Vatican II.  We have a few Bishops and a Pope who are leading rightly. We have some Priests who are dedicated to fulfilling their vocations to bring us the Sacraments we need to grow as Christians. We have a plethora of Documents and Encyclicals, Writings of Saints, Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church, Bibles galore, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and near universal literacy– if the Laity simply dive into what God has made possible they can know and live Catholicism.  From the humble homes of Catholics steeped in the Faith will come the priests, bishops, and religious of tomorrow.  From the homes of Catholics living and teaching the Faith to their children in spite of those leaders in the Church who deliberately undermine Catechesis will come the leaders of tomorrow.  Revival begins in the hearts of individuals and can sweep the entire body.  Look to the examples of the Saints who began in their own hearts and homes to live radically faithful lives even in the face of persecution, martyrdom and all the attacks of Satan.

Catholics were not prepared for this attack on the Church so we are experiencing the results. We need more prayer and penance, more alms-giving, more time in Adoration, WORSHIPFUL attitudes at Mass, a return to sound doctrines and devotions, and a renewal of the Liturgy as Fr. Z is always reminding us. All these things are responsibilities of the Laity. If Vatican II continues to fail to foster revival it will be our fault.

Wake up!

Dear Lord, Thank You for Vatican II. Please guide each of us to read our Bibles and Catechisms, pray and obey Your admonitions to do acts of mercy and worship You with deep devotion and particular attention to the Mass You instituted. Help us to become truly hungry for You and eager for Truth. Please help us begin the revival envisioned by Vatican II within our own hearts and in our own homes, and carry this zeal with us to the world. Please feed us with the Sacraments so we have the grace to be open to the Holy Spirit’s promptings in everyday secular life. Thank You. Amen.

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