Abortifacients and the Bible

I was sent this article: Abortifacients–pharmakeia and sorcery by a friend and decided to share it with my readers.  The footnotes about the Biblical take on birth control were great.

I like this quote from the footnotes of the article:

“Pharmakeia denotes the mixing of potions for secretive purposes, and from Soranos and others, evidence exists of artificial birth control potions. Interestingly, pharmakeia is oftentimes translated as ‘sorcery’ in English. In the three passages in which pharmakeia appears, other sexual sins are also condemned: lewd conduct, impurity, licentiousness, orgies, ‘and the like.’ (Confer Galatians 5:19-21.) This evidence highlights that the early Church condemned anything which violated the integrity of marital love.” [cf “Contraceptive References in the Bible,” by Fr. Wm. Saunders]

I haven’t much to say on the topic. That our culture accepts this evil and that many Catholics are functionally pro-choice speaks for itself.  It is sad to me how many people think it a good thing to be pro-choice.

Our country has abandoned good and embraced evil.

Repent! or accept that you are no longer friends of God.

Dear Lord, please wake up Your people and get them to the ballot box to vote for people who promote good and oppose evil. Please move persons who have the discernment to know what is evil and fight against it to run for office.  Please give up good leaders and not the leaders we actually deserve. Amen.

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