Wolves “reared among sheep” and the Catholic Vote

If the current Culture of Death sitting president of the USA is re-elected it will be due to Catholic voters and the blame for their votes sits soundly on the shoulders of the Bishops of the USA.

“If someone thought that wolves could be reared among sheep, imagine what chance the sheep would have.” –St. Josemaria Escriva, Furrow #967

The Bishops claim they are being pastoral because they care about the souls of these dissidents who keep repeating heresies; but I think they have missed a serious point I found here by a poor little priest:

“The conversion of a soul cannot be made easy at the risk of many others possibly falling away.” –St. Josemaria Esciva, Furrow #966

The Bishops insist that they must be easy on these dissident Catholic politicians and other public figures who garner air time and whose words are heard and read by thousands who fall away from correct Church teaching because of them.  These misguided Catholic voters help elect Culture of Death politicians at every election and thus perpetuate a government inclined to write and enforce laws that promote the Culture of Death.

So, “what chance the sheep would have”? need not be imagined because we see it in a vast majority of Catholics who follow false teachings by wolves whose souls are given such gentle care that the sheep have NO IDEA that they are wolves.

Vortex: Obama’s Secret Weapon= Non-Mass attending Catholics who dissent from Catholic Teaching

I blame the Bishops for these Catholic Voters who vote Culture of Death because they permitted the wolves to “be reared among the sheep” and the result is the largest number of Catholics who do not go to Mass, do not know or do not care about Church teaching on major current issues.

Lay teachers and good priests are working to catechize but without much support from the Bishops. It is a sad situation.  We need to be praying harder for our priests and for our Bishops so that this lack of support does not continue.

Dear Lord, please give aid to our Bishops that they will promote the Culture of Life. Please grant grace and wisdom to our Bishops so they do not fall into errors of inaction but are bold and public and LOUD on Catholic teaching. Please grant our Bishops the grace of being orthodox in all their teaching, and wise enough to know who to reprimand publicly for the good of the flock. Please take pity and help this United States to elect worthy men who will make laws that defend life and human dignity, laws that encourage us and protect us Constitutionally and in accord with Your Will. Amen.

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