Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, famous son of my old home town of Wapakoneta Ohio, has passed away at 82 yrs young. Live long and prosper first on the moon! May heaven’s gates open for you and may you rest in God’s great peace. . “He thinks, he acts, ’tis done.”  –from his high school yearbook. . Article about the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing. . We fail the younger generations by not holding up such men as the only truly worthy heroes. Sports are for sissies compared to THESE men! These men were the great ones. Men like Neil Armstrong are … Continue reading


Gratitude is an essential part of the worship of God.  Without gratitude for the gift of grace there is something lacking in our acceptance. Without gratitude for the Holy Spirit there is a lack in our openness to receive what God wants to give us.  Gratitude opens us up for ever greater blessings. Gratitude is what makes accepting gifts from God an act of worship. Dear Lord, thank You for Your grace, thank You for the Holy Spirit, thank You for the opportunity to worship you with gratitude in the Mass and in my prayers.  Please help me to become … Continue reading

Journey Notes: Evaluating Spaces

Compact efficient spaces are important because of the decreased cost needed to own and maintain them.  Important also because they challenge the idea that every home must be huge.  Today’s post is inspired by the Tiny House Talk Blog discussion about the tiny house movement (under 200 square feet) and why people have left it. These super tiny houses inspire me.  I’ve been a pack-rat and found I was not happy.  I owned all sorts of stuff, the sorts of things you are supposed to own but which I don’t use.  So during a particularly chaotic period of my life, … Continue reading

St. Clement ePress Review

My friends Bill and Elizabeth Kimes have teamed up to create visually stunning, doctrinally excellent, beautiful, easy to use APPS and iBooks and make them available through St. Clement ePress. I met Elizabeth when we were both graduate students eagerly absorbing as much theology as our brains could hold.  Our friendship began over tomes written by the likes of Aquinas, Athanasius, and John Paul II.  The good old University of St. Thomas School of Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary in the diocese of Galveston-Houston gave us both the opportunity to grow our understanding of Scripture, the early Church Fathers, Doctors … Continue reading