Summer School

I am a teacher.  Certified for 1st-8th grades and experienced in classroom and home school settings.  I love teaching and find that most things I do in my life include teaching in some form or another.  This explains why I love blogs that are about home school.  Today I read the blog, My Life in the Domestic Church, and she was writing about how they do summer school, which is merely a variation on how they do school year round. Excellent post so be sure to go read her blog.

I could relate to what she wrote about doing school on days too hot and humid to enjoy the outdoors.  My mother used to have us do school work during the heat of the day when we traveled south during the school year so we would return to our classes a week or two ahead of our class.  We would spend our mornings outside, enjoying the warmer weather so different from our home weather, and then come inside, clean up, eat lunch, do school, watch a favorite old TV show and when it cooled off we’d head back outside, this time with Dad to watch us.

My own home school included half days, full days and days off, but it also followed a more collegiate program of certain subjects being on M-W-F and other subjects falling on T-Th. We found some subjects were better for us if we gave them a larger block of time and then let the information digest in the brain for a day or two before moving on.

Currently, what teaching elements there are in my life are the pre-school kind with my children, writing on my blog, and writing reviews of books for Tiber River.

I’d like to be using my education background as a parish resource person for families who want to home school.  I earned my MA in Theological Studies so that I could better teach parents how to teach the Faith to their children.  It would be a shame if I never managed to be useful in that way.

Dear Lord, thank You for the delight of reading other good blogs. Thank You for the opportunities I have had to teach in the past and the opportunities to teach now and in the future.   Thank You that there are other families who home educate and the freedom to home educate. Amen.

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