Fun Read! It Was Only On Stun!

IT WAS ONLY ON STUN has now been published. This link gives you the source for a print copy but you can get a KINDLE copy from

I enjoyed this rollicking good tale. It spoofs dozens of science fiction, fantasy and other literary sources and does so with delightful good humor.

I liked it.  Is it Tolkien, Heinlein or Austen– noooo, but it isn’t trying to be either. It is written more in the spirit of Robert Asprin.

While reading, I was constantly on the alert for the various references to other scifi cultures and that was plain fun.  It rounded up to a crazy tribute to martial arts movies and a satisfying conclusion.  I found myself sorry to see the story end and I do hope he writes another one.

If you can keep track of who is who, you will have more fun.

Light summer reading, especially if you have any familiarity with Science Fiction/Fantasy convention culture and the MANY TV, Movie, Comic Book, and Book characters and worlds.

Dear Lord, thank You for laughter and fun. Please bless the author of this fun book and thank You for his work. Amen.


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