Ray Bradbury, author, may he rest in peace

The talented and skillful author Ray Bradbury has died.  He wrote in many genres but is best known for his science fiction and fantasy novels.  His diligence in his vocation should be taken as an example to emulate. His work is considered by some to be classic. Death Is A Lonely Business Something Wondrous This Way Comes   Dear Lord, please have mercy on the soul of Ray Bradbury. May he rest in Your peace. Amen. … Continue reading

Music Theory

Learning to read sheet music (dots on lines) is a form of literacy I never quite managed to acquire and always wanted.  As a child, I could learn a tune by ear but was discouraged from learning music from that starting point by a teacher who insisted that I learn to name the dots on the page and then learn to play the dots after I knew their names.  It didn’t work for me at all. My brain is hardwired oddly and I struggle with names. For example: I recognize my friends from the way they move and gesture; I … Continue reading

Mountain Ocarina

I recently gave in to an urge I have had for over a year to purchase an ocarina from Mountain Ocarina.  Finding time to practice is important and I’m having success with five minute sessions. HISTORY The Ocarina is a simple instrument most often made in the shape of a potato with seven or eight holes on top and two on the bottom.  Instruments resembling the ocarina have cropped up in the cultures of South and Central America, ancient China, and India among others.  Generally the native versions are made of clay, which is fragile.  Mountain Ocarinas are not fragile. … Continue reading

Laws that Fail: Banning Breed Rather Than Behavior

Breed Specific laws are those that condemn dogs according to their breeds.  The problem with this method is that it punishes what is essentially the RACE of the dog rather than the BEHAVIOR of the dog. A web site that makes my point: HERE There are a lot of dog breeds that look quite similar but are in actuality very different from each other in ways that do not show.  Few people can identify the actual pit bull in the pictures.  All these breeds are muscular, short haired breeds. A good dog law targets problem behaviors and does not care … Continue reading