Nora Ephron RIP

Nora Ephron Passes–RIP

I am sad that this fine writer and movie maker has passed away at 71.  Her movies were wonderful and full of human characters that moved me and made me laugh.  I enjoyed each movie she made and also in some cases on DVD I enjoyed the commentary that she would include.

The best part of her stories is how many of them I could share with my children.  Sleepless in Seattle is a good example because aside from an innocuous bedroom scene it was good clean storytelling. Julie and Julia was very enjoyable and another movie that I could share with my offspring. I often watch a movie that is familiar and loved as my way to unwind before going to sleep.  Her movies could do this for me and I appreciate her for her vocation in entertainment.

Life is shorter than we would like for ourselves and the people around us.  It is also too short when the person who passes is a total stranger whose work has touched our lives in a good way.

I pray you rest in peace, Nora Ephron, thank you for your movies.

Dear Lord, please bless and have mercy on the soul of Nora Ephron.  Thank You for the movies she leaves behind for others to enjoy. Please help me to appreciate people more while they are alive. Amen


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