Reviews and Recommendations

Writing, recommendations, reviews, and reading books delight me.  I like to share with my friends those books I find particularly useful and helpful and today, I began reading a book sent to me for review by Aquinas & More Catholic Goods by Randy Hain titled, The Catholic Briefcase. This is a practical book is aimed at demonstrating how to integrate faith into a vocation regardless of what career or job you hold.

I’m only through chapter 3 and so far all I can think is how wonderful this book would be for a small Bible Study group in a parish.  A lot of it is aimed at professionals, but I can see the advice would carry over to any vocation.  I’m always glad to see a book that has some substance and an approach that could encourage the spiritual growth of a broad spectrum of persons.

So please join me in reading The Catholic Briefcase and in a few days wander over to Aquinas & More to read my full review.

Dear Lord, Thank you for the opportunity to review this fine book. Please help me to serve You well in my vocation and make a review that is useful to those who read it. Amen.


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