Writing Excercises

Writing is a skill that must be used to stay fresh. Writing is a vital part of my vocation. Writing, be it in a blog, book review or book, is a craft that I enjoy.  In keeping with my goals, I have been writing this blog to develop a regular pattern of writing. Thus far, with a break to go visit my sister, I’ve been nearly regular enough to please myself.  It is a good start.

I added the newsletter for the Shire (an SCA group) in order to add my skills to the support of my local group.  They are a fun bunch and this is one task in the running of our local group that I can do well.  This month is my first solo flight in managing the newsletter.  By fall I hope to be including some interviews with long term and very active members of the Shire.  I think it will be fun.

I am supposed to be writing something for two other blogs and am lacking ideas at the moment but soon the dry spell will be over and something good will be available to post on my blog and send to the Catholic Writer’s Guild blog because they are first on my list.

Today I added being a reviewer for the Tiber Review and attempted to work their web site and submit my first review.  I think the computer ate it.  Ah well, I sent them an email to figure out what I did wrong and will get the hang of that website soon.

Driving back from visiting my sister I found myself brainstorming ideas for stories.  A song on the radio caused me to think about using it’s theme as a metaphor for the Faith.  I will let that digest another day or two and write it out.  Then send it off to the Catholic Writers’ Guild first because I have procrastinated long enough on my commitment to send something to them.

I WANT to be doing more writing.  These are venues that challenge me but require a shorter length written than a book.

I want to write the books that keep running like films through my head.  Nobody else gets to enjoy these stories if I fail to write them down.

And today’s entire blog post is no more than a disjointed ramble written with a toddler bugging me continually.  I guess I’m going to post, then read it tomorrow to see if it is coherent.

God bless anybody who reads my blog– you are not a large number but I sure appreciate each one of you!

Dear Lord, please help me to do better with my writing.  Please help me apply myself to the work of putting words into the computer. Please inspire the stories.  Thank You for the opportunities to write. Amen.

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