Catholic Conferences Galore!

August 28-31 is a cluster of Catholic Conferences in Arlington Texas. This is an opportunity for expanding one’s understanding of one’s vocation.  I blog and write, so this conference cluster that includes both the Catholic Writers’ Guild Conference and the Catholic New Media Conference is a rich opportunity.

The Catholic Marketing Network (CMN) Trade Show begins with an education day on August 28, and the Trade Show floor closes at 1 PM on August 31(CMN Schedule). This is a business oriented conference and shares quite a few speakers with the CNMC.

The Catholic New Media Conference (CNMC) begins August 29 and runs through 3PM on August 31 (CNMC Program).  v

The Catholic Writers’ Guild (CWG) begins August 29 and runs through August 31 but no schedule yet.

I’m thrilled to say I now have my room reservation for the entire time!  Next step is to determine which days and which conferences will I sign up to do? Should I see about getting a friend to split the cost of the hotel room? I enjoy this sort of planning.

I think it is a bit like Christmas, this planning for a conference.  I went ahead and filled out the registration for the CMN Trade Show but that will expire if I don’t figure out how to pay for it. I’ve a cart full of two days of the CNMC and one of the dinners.  Until the CWG comes up with a schedule I don’t know what I will do there but I volunteered to help out at the table in the CMN Trade Show because I really appreciate what the CWG does for writers.

I’m excited!  I’m all charged up! I even purchased my fall academic style calendar so I could use three pen colors and work out where the programs over-lap and where they differ so I will better know how to plan my time.

Very likely after today, I will give it a few weeks to sink in that I have my hotel room.  THEN I will dive back into this delight of seminars, speakers, dinners, networking, meeting and greeting that I am planning and have another fine time working it out and purchasing my memberships.

This is a fabulous opportunity for Catholics who write or blog or run Catholic oriented businesses.

Dear Lord, thank you for opportunities to advance in my vocation. Please help me to make the most of these conferences. Amen.

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