HomeSchool and Parent Conference

I am disappointed that I was unable to attend the Catholic Home School Curriculum Fair this weekend as I had intended. This Fair is the work of Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschool and Parent Conferences, and co-hosted by ARCH, and University of St. Thomas. (ARCH=Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers which serves the diocese of Houston-Galveston)

I am doubly unhappy about having missed two talks by Joseph Pearce whose books grace my shelves and whose work I find edifying.

Oh well, one doesn’t get to choose when a stomach bug will come along to mess with one’s plans and I am grateful that neither child caught the bug!

I may be sad over missing this event but I am glad that it exists.  I see so little support for Catholic parents. Not everyone can afford a parochial school.  Parents who opt to Home School want a sound Catholic curriculum to help them raise soundly Catholic children.

The ministry of bringing good Catholic speakers and good Catholic Curriculum providers together to support parents in their vocations is very valuable.  There is such a need for this and not many people doing it yet.  Catholic home school parents are woefully under-supported.  This sort of home school conference without even a fee at the door is a great blessing.

Dear Lord, Thank You for Catholic Homeschool and Parent Conferences. Please bless all the people who were able to find good Catholic homeschool materials and encouragement this weekend.  Please bless the efforts of the people who organized and hosted this event. Thank You for everyone involved.  Thank You that my children did not catch the bug I had. Amen.

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