At an SCA event we are recreating the age of chivalry “as it ought to have been”.  So the clothing we all wear is an attempt at period garb but while in history many people wore hardly more than rags, when we play anyone can wear anything that is at least an attempt at period.  When we play, the culture mix freely, as do the time periods.  So while I am fascinated with Byzantium around 1000AD, my persona can be sitting next to an Anglo Saxon from 1200, and a Viking from 800.

History is our inspiration but this is still play. Complex play it is true. Play that encourages the study of history is a given.  Play that is history “as it ought to have been”

Family Friendly

This event was VERY family friendly.  Having gone with people from my local SCA group, in our case called a SHIRE (which I love since it makes me think of Tolkien and it might have been chosen for that reason since the SCA had a lot of readers in it!), who were quite willing to help with the baby for those times when nature calls, just eased the baby care for the day as did the loan of a wooden wagon with a shade on it so that the baby could sleep in shade no matter where I went on the grounds. There were chairs offered at every turn so that the breastfeeding mom could sit down and be undisturbed while still socializing.  I LOVED that I felt so very included even when tucking a hungry infant under a drape.


One of our good cooks provided a wonderful lunch spread of things that were possible in period. So cold meats, breads, cheeses, olives, fruit, veggies and similar items.  We ate very well!

In history, many people ate very poorly, or starved.  We play as “it ought to have been” so everybody eats! In history, foods were only available in season but we play as “it ought to have been” so there is a healthy variety of foods and modern refrigeration.


Historically, many people would have sat on the ground when outdoors.  We bring modern folding camp chairs, but drape them in fabric to hide their modernity.  Some people own wonderful re-creations of historical styles of chairs!  These help the atmosphere be consistent.


The King and Queen of our kingdom are chosen by the combat games.  They serve six month terms and their task is to help make the atmosphere, give awards and small gifts.  Titles are earned through service to the organization and development of skills. Somebody has to plan the feasts, someone else may plan an entire event, others organize guilds where people can learn skills from in period.  Brewing is popular, as is leather working.  I enjoy the Fabric Guild where gather people who are recreating weaving techniques from history, or study clothing in period and share their knowledge so that more people can make garb that is more historically accurate.

“As it ought to have been” means our royalty are always beneficent and kind.  Our Lords and Ladies, are generous and helpful persons.

Everyone is someone of good birth and expected to act with nobility.  The ideals of the knights and chivalry are part of the atmosphere of playing in period in the SCA.

People are imperfect and so perhaps the ideals of how we play are imperfectly executed, but I enjoyed a very nice day with great people playing in period.  History as “it ought to have been.”

Dear Lord, thank You for the ideals of chivalry because they encourage every person to seek virtue and avoid vice. Thank You for people who value virtue and honor so much that they weave it into their play and so internalize it in their daily lives. Thank You for the freedom and leisure to PLAY. Amen.


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