Gear and Garb

Tourney of Squires, Cadets and Aracarius was full of fun. It takes a certain amount of effort on the part of each person attending to keep the atmosphere.  It also takes a lot of preparation by those setting up the event! Everyone did a really good job!

The autocrats for this event did a fine job with the location. The fields were mowed very short and they had sprayed for insects so nobody was bitten by fire ants.  It was what they call a primitive site, so it was still possible to get bitten, stung or pick up a tick or two if you wandered into the trees.

Gear for the Event

I took the usual things one needs at an event, food and beverages in period type containers, water, garb that at least attempts to be period, and a camp chair (which I borrowed this event). Being with a baby I needed diapers, changes of baby clothing, large linen sheet to drape where needed, baby wipes, the pacifier, lots of blankets to make a nice pad under the baby while in a wagon, and a wicker laundry basket (period carrying receptacle) to carry everything.

I took my best attempt at a period roast beef to add to the dinner feast. Our group planned to eat together. I carried my food in a cooler with plenty of freezer packs (covered by cloth because it isn’t period). I brought water to add to the big water coolers and two large water bottles frozen to provide icy water all day.

My feast gear consisted of a black ceramic bowl, a small rice bowl that makes a good drinking cup, dish towels I use to wrap my gear and act as napkins, and my spoon and knife.  I want to add a wooden dish of some sort eventually. Still the gear is adequate and while of modern make, they resemble what would have been used in period without the flaws of things like lead in your cup leaching into your drink!

I forgot my sunscreen and the baby sunscreen!  This I need to fix for future events!  Fortunately, another mom let me slather my kid from her bottle of baby sunscreen, and by staying in shade I minimized the redness of my nose. 🙂

Breast Feeding Garb

My garb needed to provide for the fact that I am a breastfeeding mother.  I asked on a SCA-garb list and a very nice person aimed me at a web site where someone had already done the research!  What Nursing Mother’s Wore is a pictorial of the study of garb from paintings.  I was thrilled to find it.  Really, breast feeding mothers in the past are unlikely to have been too much different from us today.  Access and modesty are important elements and if you can keep some style in your clothing, all the better.

My clothing for the day consisted of a dark blue linen tunic with yellow stitching at cuff and collar for decoration over a longer burgundy because the blue turned out too short.  The slit down the front went clear to my navel and had a tie just below my waist, and the top was crossed over and fastened to help keep the long slit from gaping.  The addition of a leather belt just above the waist finished off the outfit and gave me something off of which I could hang my bag.

Of course, the linen bag had my ID, money, diapers, wipes, pacifier, and a couple changes of baby clothing.  I was well prepared and it did not detract from the period look of my garb!

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Dear Lord, thank You for the coolness and comfort of linen for garb. Thank you for good food, good company and the cooperative efforts that created the atmosphere we enjoyed all day. Amen.

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