A Fun Event: Tourney of Squires, Cadets and Aracarius

I had so much fun this Saturday! Baby in tow, outdoors, social FUN!

The fun of an organization like the Society for Creative Anachronism is that it encourages a study of history that is oriented to the people and how they actually lived, then creating aspects of that way of life without the elements that were, well, not so fun.

This weekend’s event, only an hour from where I live so I could easily drive there, enjoy the day and drive home, was an outdoor event. Here is the top of the blurb from their facebook event page:

Tourney of Squires, Cadets and Aracarius

Along the coast of Ansteorra stand two great Baronies, Stargate and Loch Soilleir, side by side. These Baronies invite you to the Tourney of Squires, Cadets, and Arcarius, a true SCA event on April 13-15th. This event will pit Squire vs Squire, Cadet vs Cadet, and Arcarius vs Arcarius to prove who is the TOP Squire, Cadet, and Arcarius of the Day!!

I attended with my two month old baby, enjoyed social time and watching the events. There were many competitions, all aimed at FUN yet some with serious overtones.  There were archery competitions, an obstacle course, dancing, arts and sciences, bardic, equestrian, and of course the knights fighting competitions.  Everyone in period garb of varying historical accuracy, pavilions up to give shade with a view of the competition fields, and an amazing number of people with infants and small children.


Anachronism is a key word in any SCA event. For example, the toilets brought in for the event where set inconspicuously behind bushes here and there so as to minimize their intrusion on the atmosphere, but are one of the “corrections” the SCA makes to history when playing it. Modern habits of cleanliness are a very good thing which in the SCA world is part of playing history “as it ought to have been.”

Another anachronism is that gender roles are not set in stone.  We have women fighters and men who sew.  I don’t personally fight, but I have thought the archery could be fun.  My personal favorite area is “Arts and Sciences” where people put their research skills to work to recreate an item or process from a particular period of history.  For example, one gentleman made a small canon and after the event the canon was shot over the creek.

I particularly liked a beautiful dress that was an attempt to re-create something that could have been worn in that time period.  Again, sewing can be done by hand as in period, or by machine because it is practical.  The Anachronism of using fabric made by modern methods and a sewing machine is considered acceptable provided you can say what you did for period accuracy and what you did for modern practicality.

Family Friendly

I saw many children at this event. Mostly racing about together in tunics and trousers, playing at being knights or wizards.  A few served by carrying around large bowls of orange slices or pickles for anyone who wanted either.  There were babies in wagons, and I enjoyed sitting with another mom when we were both breast feeding. Two families had their dogs with them and the dogs were well behaved and always under owner control.  Imagine, an event with mostly all well behaved kids and dogs!

Next post: Gear and Garb

Dear Lord, thank You for the opportunity to join with other people for simple fun. Thank You for the good wind that kept insects away from us and, with the cloud cover, helped keep the day from getting too hot. Thank You for the goodness of friends and shared meals. Bless them all. Amen.

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