Some Seriously Amazing Space Saving Furniture

This is a fun blog day.  I found this last night on facebook and am totally delighted.  Design like this stirs my imagination.  Enjoy!!

This is an amazing video of truly fascinating space saving furniture.

Imagine how much better a home could be done, with efficient space use with furniture like this, thus freeing up more floor space for greater openness in each room.

They talk about it as essential for a tiny efficiency apartment, and I can see that. I see it and think about how you really don’t NEED the bed during the day and how nice it would be for it to fold up and reveal a couch instead but NOT be one of those uncomfortable fold out couches.

The clever desk tops that don’t need to be unloaded are awesome.

The tables that convert from really nice looking coffee tables to full height dining tables are incredible.  I would have LOVED that in my first apartment.

I wonder if this sort of furniture could be installed in an RV?

Awesome furniture design is ordinary goodness.  I hope you found it fun.

Dear Lord, thank you for the cleverness you have gifted in the people who invent such interesting and useful furniture that blesses people by enabling them to have nicer homes.  Please help me to realize that my work too is valuable and blesses the people in my life. Amen.

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