Self Publishing or Submitting to a Publisher?

I’ve this wonderful little story of which I am very proud and it would make a nice children’s picture book. I know what kind of art work I want to see put with it and would prefer to work with the artist myself to plan the series of illustrations. Ideally, I would learn the ropes and create this book with the help of the artist I choose and a good graphic designer. I know just who I would choose as I LOVE how she designs even her notes for graduate classes!

But the traditional path is submission to an established publisher. I don’t know that I want to go that route. They would choose the artist. Some of what I see in the stores is just ugly. I don’t like the art even if the story is good.  It must sell but I do not wish to be party to training a child’s eye to appreciate ugly illustrations when better could be given!  If I sat down and looked at books until I found a publisher whose art was close to what I want to see in the book, then maybe.

I am nervous about submitting my work and I would prefer to keep control of how it is done. Yet, the traditional publishers have established outlets through bookstores and established marketing departments. I could learn to market my books by hiring someone to teach me, or take some classes in marketing.

I’m seeing a lot of e-publishing and I am eager to see my children’s book come out as a nice hardbound and also as an ebook for the e-readers that can do color. My sister has a color Nook and an ipad that her daughter uses to read picture books while traveling. I want to make my children’s book available in that format too.

I’m amazed at the array of decisions to be made, all part of my vocation, and all important to the future path of my career.

Advice is welcome.  Prayer is even more welcome!  Please pray for me as I work on this project.

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