No Compromise

George Weigel write a most excellent article titled, NO COMPROMISE, that sums up the entire attack by our government on our religious liberty.

“We are not allowed to place the things of God on the altar of Caesar, Non possumus! [We cannot!].” — Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński

“Indeed, this is not about the Church wanting to force anybody to do anything; it is, instead, about the federal government forcing the Church . . . to act against Church teachings.” — “United for Religious Freedom”

The battle against evil in the spiritual realm is manifesting itself in the material realm through the attacks by our own government on all our liberties. Liberties which are given to all men and women by God and which are not to be violated by any government, not even one made of persons we have elected.

Our Bill of Rights only lists a FEW of the most important liberties.  It is not the whole list, but only a short list of those which were considered by the founding fathers to be foundational to the preservation of all liberties.

We have permitted our government to infringe on many of the liberties that should be ours without measure.  We cannot do this any longer.

If you can legally vote, please, in the next election help vote OUT those persons who have supported the violation of our liberties and vote in new persons who will hopefully do a better job preserving the liberties God has given to all of us.

Remember, it is a religious obligation to vote if you are legally permitted to do so.  If you fail to vote for persons who will defend our liberties, then your vote is for the status quo or even for further degradation of our liberties.  There is no neutral position. Research the candidates and VOTE!

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