Of Autoharps and Sewing

I woke this morning to a screaming two year old who was just plain GRUMPY and determined that I not be left alone to think and blog.  Coming on the heels of an evening spent with this same child being unwilling to leave me alone to read before bed, I find myself with a head-ache and nothing much of depth to say. Sometimes life just does that to me.  Nobodies fault exactly since two year old children can be difficult simply on principle. Autoharp:  I do like thinking about my autoharps.  I call my smaller instrument FRED.  Fred is a … Continue reading

Writing: Building a Habit

I write.  Have always loved the process.  I NEED to write and am never totally happy if I am not working on some story or other writing on a daily basis.  Trouble is I distract easily and tend to put other responsibilities ahead of my need to write every day. Distractions are a problem for any mother. I have a vocation to mother my children as well as to write.  It is a struggle to figure out how to do this properly.  I spent this past year frustrated because if I set aside time to write I felt guilty of … Continue reading

Candlemas, Feast of the Presentation and Bishop Zubik

Candlemas and the Feast of the Presentation UPDATE: I found this marvelous homily on the Presentation: HERE.  I have to highly recommend this priest’s blog: Domine, da mihi hanc aquam. On this day, we consider the Holy Family arriving at the Temple to present their first born child and give the proper sacrifice.  We think about the Holy Virgin completing her 40 days with the sacred bath that the Jewish Law required so that she could return to Temple worship.  We read the words of Simeon and Anna as they are influenced to speak to Mary and Joseph about the … Continue reading

Willful Holiness: A Worthy Goal

Our modern culture presses every person to conform to a relativistic secularism that demands every Christian compartmentalize their Faith so that it does not impact any aspect of their lives except Sunday worship services. We NEED to cultivate an attitude of Willful Holiness!   Many Saints went their own ways in following Christ to the bafflement and even anger of the culture of their day.  Many died martyrs deaths because they were determined to follow Christ even though it really paid off if you rejected him! They were bold in their willful holiness.  Family and friends might with well meaning but … Continue reading