HHS Mandate = symptom of bigger battle

There are a lot of people writing about the problems with the HHS mandate. The Bishops conference posted a list of things everyone should know about this mandate.  Fr. Z blogged a bit on this HHS mandate and on the new Washington State unnatural marriage bill.  Fr. Barron videos on the Anti-Catholic and Un-American HHS mandate.  Why I am Catholic has a piece on The HHS Mandate and the Lord of the Rings that is truly marvelous. This battle is bigger than the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Constitution merely enumerates a FEW … Continue reading

Lunchroom Related Reason to Home School

Some school tells a mom who packed a really healthy lunch that it failed inspection and bills her for the crappy school lunch!!!  HERE.   Top it off, the lunch police were WRONG about the lunch not filling the requirements for a healthy lunch. It is just another good reason to bypass the insanity and home school. Here is another write up of the same incident with a good bit of commentary on the topic: HERE.  It seems obvious that this sort of activity should make parents recall the methods of Nazi Germany to take over the children of that … Continue reading

Interesting Links and Recommendations

Fr. Z: Remember How We Got Here How the Bishops liked the idea of top down health care but failed to consider that once the government gets into deciding what care is a right and what sort of care is best we are then stuck with many many First Amendment violations and violations of the right to life. An Interview with Alice von Hildebrand on the Latin Mass. Greta Rest In Peace On the culture of death in the USA today and its similarities to the Nazi’s and their evil work murdering Jews and how they made everything they did … Continue reading

Vocation of Marriage: George Bailey or Prince Charming?

Over at the National Catholic Register I enjoyed an article titled: Do You Want to Marry George Bailey or Prince Charming?  Please do take the time to go read this fine article and browse their headlines. I was reading this and thinking about my husband who happens also to be my very own mad scientist, inventor, philosopher, creative genius, and a sanctifying influence on my life.  I love the man. He makes me think of a mix of Merlin and Sherlock Holmes. He challenges me to keep growing in my vocation and I in turn challenge him. Women do themselves … Continue reading

Violations of the First Amendment Stress

I’m spending some time reading Psalms and Wisdom this evening as a balm for the stress I feel over the anti-Christian move of our federal government to violate our God given rights. Praying the words of scripture is a good daily practice but tonight, I think it is also for the preservation of hope.  I need the reminder that, although our extremely powerful government has declared war on our God-given freedom to LIVE our religion without interference and thus violated our constitution which was written to limit the government and prevent just this sort of evil, God is in charge. … Continue reading

Guilt and Pregnancy

Feeling guilty near the end of a pregnancy because I’m so huge and feel so badly that I am not getting anything done except checking the email, eating each meal and sleeping in between. You don’t really notice how often you bend over doing laundry until you are 2 weeks out from a scheduled c-section and feeling ill as well as huge. You don’t realize how much you lean over the sink doing dishes until you cannot lean anymore because that huge belly makes you reach so much further and because it gives you excruciating pain in the back of … Continue reading

Called To Life: Pride, Fear and the Mundane

Fr. Jaques Philippe’s book, Called To Life, is providing me with a lot of material to consider.  It also fits with my concurrent reading of Maria Cilley’s book, Sink Reflections. Over at Suscipio, where a group of us are reading Called To Life together, we responded to several questions from chapters 1 & 2: HERE.  Today I blog on one of those questions. 1. How does pride keep us from responding to God’s smaller, everyday calls? Pride says that the little things do not matter.  The problem with this is that little things not done make the big things impossible.  … Continue reading

The Birth Control and Abortion Mandates

The Bishops have spoken out against the birth control and abortion mandate and urged people to take the action of signing a petition. This is a toothless effort. The time for signing petitions is long past.  Petitions let people feel good about having done something when in reality they did nothing.  What is needed is action with TEETH. Our representatives have voted for bad policies over and over, eroding our God-given freedoms with impunity.  Catholics need to respond to these thefts with our VOTES.  The incumbents are responsible for this mess– vote them out. Elected officials are failing to serve … Continue reading

Called To Life: Introduction

Over at Suscipio I have joined in with other women to read the book, Called To Life by Jacques Philippe.  We began with the Introduction and I got a bit of a late start but am already enjoying this book.  The format is to read a section and then respond on that web site.  I can already see that this is a good community of women and edifying for me! My copy of this book is the Kindle edition.  I have to say that I am finding the basic kindle to be a good thing.  I can carry an entire … Continue reading