The Holy Spirit and Feminism

Over at Crisis Magazine I have been finding a wealth of thought provoking articles including one on the Holy Spirit (the Hagia Sophia Is No Lady) that fits perfectly with some of the things I have recently been thinking about the problem of feminism.

In another article from the same source Donna Steichen discusses the question of whether or not Feminism might be a heresy (Is Feminism A Heresy?).

I happen to agree with both of the above articles.  Feminism in the Church has taken on the form of a heresy which seeks to warp essentials such as our understanding of the Trinity.  From the earliest days, God communicated to his people and used the male pronouns.  Some modern translations of Saint’s writings will use feminine pronouns for the Holy Spirit but traditionally this was not done.  Traditionally it was always the male pronoun so as to orient our understanding of Church and God properly.

Sadly the lack of proper teaching by the Bishops has led to the growth of various forms of feminism in our Church.  Real Catholic TV had this video online today:

Assumptions by teaching staffs at CATHOLIC SCHOOLS that students are going to commit mortal sins of the sexual types and that they should also commit the added mortal sins of contraception and abortion, and that this is OK as long as they are doing it “to protect themselves” are totally out of line with Church teaching and the Bishops rarely intervene.   In short, the Bishops permit Catholics to be taught FALSE teachings that endanger their eternal souls and the lives of the children they may conceive by accident with impunity.

And that reminds me of a few Bishops who attack home school parents. Claiming that home school parents are rigid and rebellious because instead of sending their children into the Catholic schools and CCD programs were so much of the false teaching takes place they keep them home and teach them from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Bible, encyclicals, the writings of the Early Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, Saints and other trustworthy Catholic writers, like Blessed John Paul II’s books.  These home schooling Catholics also teach their children about marriage, and the priesthood and the genius of women and men and how they are equal in dignity before God but not the same!  Isn’t it horrible that some Catholic parents teach their children to reject feminism in favor of cherishing the glories of their own genders?

I pray that the Bishops become bold and orthodox in their teaching no matter the cost.

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