Yesterday was a major head-ache of a day.  An actual head ache was the core problem.  I couldn’t shake it, not with a nap, not with medication, and as the pain medication for the c-section is strong and I’m still on it that unshakable head ache didn’t make sense. I do have a head-cold.  But usually the saline nasal flush does a good job easing the sinus head-ache situations.  This seemed to do little.

They asked about blood pressure but this is already measured and managed with medication.

I also have been pushing fluids and yet I am thirsty.  How can a person drink more than 9 cups a day and still be thirsty?

So I called my doctor and received a call back from the physician on call.  She recommended we go to the ER for tests to determine if there was a problem or not. I wasn’t sure but off we went.

They pulled blood and urine to test. They put me on an IV to boost my fluids. Gave me a three medication cocktail for migraine and this fixed my head-ache just fine.

They found no sign of infection.

Then they told me that it might be a side effect from the epidural.  Isn’t that nice?  I may have to have a “patch” done to fix something caused by the epidural. They gave me a phone number for the doctor who did the epidural to talk to him about the head-ache.  Any guesses as to the likelihood of getting him on a weekend?

Oh, and it is 1 AM so the blasted cocktail only knocked out the head-ache temporarily.

I’m still on the medication for the c-section pain, still on ibuprofen, and have flushed the sinus’ again.  This has eased the head-ache this time in part, but not in whole.

So I offer it all up, pray for healing and intend to call the doctor again tomorrow.

UPDATE:  today’s head-ache is decreased by sinus saline flushes, drinking clear non-diet soda and having a good cry.  It is also better sitting with good posture and not just  by laying down.  I am hoping it turns out to be connected with the miserable head cold we all have contracted and NOT due to my epidural, although, having read up on what the doctor at the emergency room said, I guess the “patch” thing they do with blood cells injected into the epidural site isn’t as totally horrible as it sounded so if I need that, it will be OK.  I’m hoping that the cold will fade and my head-ache will leave with it and thus save me the needle!

Hubby went over my BP list and says he thinks that the doctor needs to know that while it is not going up, neither is the BP coming back down with the medicine I am taking.  I may need a patch (this one goes on the arm and doses you for high blood pressure) for a day or two and then manage it with the medication I’m on now.  My blood pressure being elevated may be in part to blame for this head-ache too.

I love my two little ones but having been pregnant twice now in my 40’s and comparing the experience to when I was having my two, now adult, kids back in my 20’s I highly recommend that people have their kids younger.  I enjoyed uneventful pregnancies in my 20’s.  Such uneventful pregnancies are far more common in your 20’s than in your 40’s.

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