UPDATES 2-19-12


Our fight against the HHS mandate is only the tip of the iceberg.  Caesar is determined to force all to bow before his idol.  Caesar is determined to claim the authority to define religious belief for all citizens of the United States, first amendment be damned.  Clearly, the days of Rome have returned complete with all the evils of abortion and infanticide in addition to the worship of the ruler as a god.


We have a Church that preserves by the power of the Holy Spirit the full teachings of Christ Jesus who is God and Man without mixture or confusion but fully each at one and the same time.  From the very beginning of the Church Christ founded there were issues much like those faced today.  Caesar required sacrifice to the government sponsored idol, and abortions and infanticides were common practices in the culture at large.  Not so different from today.

Emboldened by the quaintness and peacefulness of the Catholic response in this country, our current administration continues the evil practice of seeking to spread the sins of our own culture abroad:

May God have mercy on those of us who do not agree with what is being done in the name of our country and aid us in the election of leaders who will stop these abuses of human dignity at home and abroad!  May the will of God be done, no matter what it costs us.

On a lighter and brighter note we have here our Family Greeting of Our Newest Member:

Well, apparently adding double vision to other end of pregnancy miseries gets your c-section moved up to ASAP so here is our newest family member.

Ross is named after his grandfather and great-grandfather on Gary’s side who were Sr. and Jr. so this is “III”.  My oldest daughter caught this shot of hubby and I helping the Little Tiger slow down enough to greet her new sibling.  She is enthusiastic and trying very hard to be gentle.

I’m thinking St. Onesimus would be a good choice of Saint for this child.


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