Lunchroom Related Reason to Home School

Some school tells a mom who packed a really healthy lunch that it failed inspection and bills her for the crappy school lunch!!!  HERE.   Top it off, the lunch police were WRONG about the lunch not filling the requirements for a healthy lunch.

It is just another good reason to bypass the insanity and home school. Here is another write up of the same incident with a good bit of commentary on the topic: HERE.  It seems obvious that this sort of activity should make parents recall the methods of Nazi Germany to take over the children of that country and turn them into good little agents of the state:

When schools denounce the role of parents in feeding their own children — and when doctors denounce the role of parents in making health care decisions for their own children — we aren’t too far away from the total state-run takeover of parenting.–Natural News

Back for K and 1st, my son attended a really fine private school.  They were no better and possibly worse in some ways than the local public schools!

Our Lunch Room Story:

My son once got a note asking which portion of his lunch was the main course because his school had a rule that said that he had to eat the “main item” before the rest. My philosophy of feeding children is that every essential nutrient is equally important so I tended to send a variety of healthy items in their lunches, all of which provided good nutrition.  I did not pack the typical sandwiches because they are rarely nutritious enough.

His lunch was: really good whole grain bread torn off a loaf with a side of butter (he generally wasted the butter), one apple sliced, one small bag of grapes, handful of mixed nuts and seeds, one baggie of broccoli, one baggie with raw carrots, and a large baggie of sliced chicken or other leftover cooked meat or slices of some sort of sausage etc. Everything was nutritious and he always ate ALL of it.  So why the problem?

Well, the teachers were confused as to what to order him to eat first. I told them as long as he ate it all I didn’t care in what order he ate his lunch!  They ought to have been more concerned with the kids who didn’t eat their lunches except for the “main item” followed by cookies that were included for desert. I ended up having to tell them that I considered the extra fruit desert.

My son once asked me to send chocolate chip cookies in his lunch.  He hated chocolate so I had to ask why. His response was that he hated to see kids throwing away their untouched apples and that he could trade one cookie for a whole apple and eat several extra apples at lunch.  Smart kid!

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