Guilt and Pregnancy

Feeling guilty near the end of a pregnancy because I’m so huge and feel so badly that I am not getting anything done except checking the email, eating each meal and sleeping in between.

You don’t really notice how often you bend over doing laundry until you are 2 weeks out from a scheduled c-section and feeling ill as well as huge.

You don’t realize how much you lean over the sink doing dishes until you cannot lean anymore because that huge belly makes you reach so much further and because it gives you excruciating pain in the back of the hips thanks to the baby.

You don’t realize how often you actually pick up a two year old until you cannot.

Praise God for my husband who is taking up the slack.  I wish he didn’t have to do my work as well as his own.  He is cheerful doing it too.  Truthfully, he is more cheerful doing my work than I am many days!  As usual, I find in him an example of some trait I would like to learn.

Work done cheerfully and well.  Thank you God!  My husband’s attitude helps to make the last two weeks of being pregnant tolerable.


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