Of Autoharps and Sewing

I woke this morning to a screaming two year old who was just plain GRUMPY and determined that I not be left alone to think and blog.  Coming on the heels of an evening spent with this same child being unwilling to leave me alone to read before bed, I find myself with a head-ache and nothing much of depth to say.

Sometimes life just does that to me.  Nobodies fault exactly since two year old children can be difficult simply on principle.

Autoharp:  I do like thinking about my autoharps.  I call my smaller instrument FRED.  Fred is a handsome instrument with a bold voice and he is a pleasure to play when I’m not pregnant.  Currently the belly is too large to permit me to hold him for playing.  I cannot hold Josey, my sweet voiced chromatic autoharp, either.  So, life right now includes my looking at my musical instruments and not being able to play them.  Not that this pregnancy lets me have much energy for fun stuff.  After I blog this morning I get to go lay down for another nap.

Sewing: The other thing I enjoy doing is also on hold. I need a new skirt, I need to finish a gown designed to fit the historical period of around 1000AD Byzantium, I need to make the cover for the Little Tiger’s mattress, and I need to spend more time exploring the many options on my sewing machine.   I have several projects that are not difficult, but I’m tired, really really tired and must save my energies for playing with a two year old.

So today I am just blogging my thoughts, none too deep, and admitting that while I have two blog posts of more depth begun, neither will be finished today.  I’ll go take my morning nap now.

God bless you all!

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