Last Months of Pregnancy

Those final months of pregnancy are simply not fun. The feet and hands swell and are stiff and painful sometimes.  Sometimes the face swells and feels like allergies have taken over–but it is just pregnancy. —The UP SIDE must be having something to offer up in my prayers! The belly is so huge you cannot reach your feet.  This makes wearing shoes and socks a real trial.— on the UP SIDE, it is Ok to wear slip on sandals. Being tired all the time takes all the fun out of not having to worry about what you are eating as … Continue reading

The Path to Virtue

House Unseen, Life Unscripted blogged about fearing trials.  It struck a note with me because I have SO been there!  Even though much of what we struggle through is just typical life and not a spiritual attack aimed at us personally, it is easy to get so overwhelmed by daily trails that we begin to fixate on them.  Being by nature a rather neurotic woman, I can become irrational quite easily; I have found that a concerted effort on my part to apply reason in the analysis of what has me freaked out often proves beneficial. I used to be … Continue reading

Vocation Talk: mothering one more difficult?

I read a really powerfully written message today over here: To The Mother of Only One Child, Transitioning into motherhood is a big step in our vocations.  It is not an easy step, not in the least! I remember my first child. There were some difficult changes that took place.  For one thing, I remember giving up the huge camera bag.  I agonized over the need to accept that I could baby-wear the child and carry a diaper bag with a compact camera but that my days of lugging four lenses a tripod, filters, and back-up camera body were over.  … Continue reading

Church Unity Octave

Today we begin what was called for decades the Church Unity Octave, 18-25 January inclusive.  The purpose of the octave is to pray for the unity of the whole Catholic Church.  This octave was originally approved by St. Pope Pius X in 1909.  Benedict XV extended it for use in the universal Church in 1916.  –Fr. Z Over at What Does the Prayer Really Say I found this nice post about the Church Unity Octave.  Fr. Z blogs on the prayers for this Octave.  I recommend you go over there and join in by praying the prayers beginning today. I … Continue reading

Ordinary Goodness: Indian Flute-autoharp duet, Scottish tune, Humor in music, and a Vocation Well Lived

This is a duet between Native American Flute and an Autoharp set up as a “diaprizm…a diatonic autoharp with floating penatonic chord bars” [Hal Weeks–musician] It is a lovely piece. Sometimes we need this sort of thing as a balance to all the difficulties in life.  Things like sudden surgeries can really get a person down and it is important to balance these with reminders of nicer things. How about this piece: JoAnn Smith playing a Scottish tune, Sky Boat Song.  Pretty song played marvelously well! And of course, one should enjoy the humorous side of life brought to us … Continue reading

Rant: Stop Blaming Women and DO Something About the Lack of Masculinity!

Masculinity is one of those topics that I end up wondering about.  I mean, the above video is the second in a series on masculinity in the Church.  It has complaints about the feminist turn many Churches have taken and how this discourages male participation. I don’t like the feminist turn many of our parishes have but one woman commenting is just another female voice and not very influential.  I also dislike the poor quality of the music, liturgical abuses and lack of male participation.  I do what I can to urge better music, following the rubrics and urging male … Continue reading

Ordinary Goodness: Pinterest, Age and Ordinary Time

Pinterest Someone I know had a pinterest page and I decided to make one myself because she had one.  Not exactly the best reason to do anything, and truthfully, I don’t see what the fuss is about. However, I discovered that the pinning does say some things about me. I admire skillfully hand made instruments from fine woods. I LOVE primary colors. Especially those found in nature. My taste in architecture is odd, eclectic and modern. God’s creation is still more lovely than anything humans can make. Age I checked to see how old I am.  I do this sometimes … Continue reading

Ordinary Goodness: Interesting Blogs New and Old

Interesting Blogs I have recently run across and added to my blogroll: Coffee and Canticles: The Divine Office in Your Life Carmelite Mom Suscipio: to raise up, support, maintain the authentic Catholic Woman A Minute Captured Laughter and Humility: G.K. Chesterton Favorite Blogs I read every day: What Does the Prayer Really Say A Woman’s Place…Depends on Her Vocation Why a Blogroll I maintain a blogroll down the left side of my blog because I love lists of blogs.  I like keeping mine as a reference so I can easily locate a blog I liked.  I enjoy it because it … Continue reading

Ordinary Goodness: The story of an autistic girl who exibits incredible intelligence

This is an amazing story of an amazing person.  It made me cry.  So I am sharing it here with you who read my blog. Sometimes people are different. Challenged by experiences others do not have.  Sometimes the differences show. Other times the differences do not show.  God loves all. I am inspired to seek to be more open and patient with people who cross my path thanks to this video.  May you be edified as I have been.  God bless! … Continue reading