Home School History

Home School is a wonderful addition to my vocation. I have never regretted the work I have put into my children’s learning.  The pioneers of the revival of home education that began not that many years ago.  The above video talks about a beginning of one group that started in the early 1980’s but the movement to home educate began to grow in the 1970’s.  It was a long road to prove to the world that home education was worthy of revival!

Basic education in this country in the early years was ALL done at home.  The Founding Fathers were all home educated to prepare them for life, work and further education.  Their parents were the determiners of how these men were educated as children and they did such a good job that these men were also lifelong learners.

Home school is defined by the PARENTAL control over what is studied, and how that material is presented.  It is solely the right and responsibility of the parents to make these educational decisions.  It is solely the right and responsibility of the parents to select curriculum that meets the needs of their families.

Now the new internet based public school programs threaten home education.  It is essential that the government not be allowed to redefine home education to mean public school on computer at home!  Government curriculum is NOT home school.  It is public school done at home.  It is important for parents to avoid being seduced by the “free” offerings by the government.

In addition to the threats made by government run online programs that offer easy education in the home in exchange for letting go of the ideal of parent directed education there are those people who are using their positions with the government to harass home school families.

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