Good videos: Learning to blow an Ocarina better and other Musical topics

I suspect if someone had explained this to me when I was in 5th grade taking recorder to qualify for band I might not have flunked out!  I never mastered how to blow that thing so it sounded even decent and the band director decided I hadn’t practiced.  I blew and blew on that thing but I sure didn’t improve!

Anyway, anyone wanting to learn an instrument should explore Youtube as a resource.  Lots of fun stuff on there for learning an instrument.

Here is one for the autoharp I love so much:

This is from an instructional video available from Homespun.  This marvelous musician is also featured on a really new instructional DVD that is available HERE.  The Autoharp Education Fund puts out this marvelous video and there are plans for a total of 12 videos.  I think they will be well worth having!

Home Educators might find that while DVD’s do not replace lessons and workshops they can enhance the learning process and for some determined learners carry a good bit of the instructional load.  Also, music festivals with lots of workshops are well worth attending.  They range in size from the small but delightful Winter Festival of Acoustic Music to the large Walnut Valley Festival in Kansas to instrument specific festivals like Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering or the California Autoharp Gathering.  These can be really great fun for a family of teenage children who love music and want to explore the wonderful world of acoustic music.


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