Last Months of Pregnancy

Those final months of pregnancy are simply not fun.

  • The feet and hands swell and are stiff and painful sometimes.  Sometimes the face swells and feels like allergies have taken over–but it is just pregnancy. —The UP SIDE must be having something to offer up in my prayers!
  • The belly is so huge you cannot reach your feet.  This makes wearing shoes and socks a real trial.— on the UP SIDE, it is Ok to wear slip on sandals.
  • Being tired all the time takes all the fun out of not having to worry about what you are eating as long as it is nutritious.— on the UP SIDE, not going anywhere means spending the day in PJ’s at the computer.
  • The crowning glory is that the woman feels so miserable that labor and delivery or a c-section will come as a welcome end to being the size of a small whale. —The UP SIDE is this is the very last bit of pregnancy and the due date is fast approaching!
  • Planning to room in with the baby and knowing the hospital will be saying, “OUR policies….” and I will have to say, “THAT can be done in our room, come on in when you are ready to do it.” —The Up SIDE is hubby will side with me.
  • I eagerly wait to meet this interesting little person whose movements in my womb tell me he is quite different in personality from my other children. I like how this child rolls around in there as if aware of the limits of the space.  This child flails less and feels like he has more control of his body than his siblings did.  —This IS an UP SIDE.
  • I eagerly await the pleasures of breast feeding.  Those hormones are actually really pleasant!  —This is also an UP SIDE.
  • I MOST eagerly await being able to pump breast milk for a bottle and leaving him with Daddy so I can go out with friends– something I have had to give up for the last two months of this gestation!  —OH YEAH!  A VERY UP SIDE.

Yeah, kids are a blessing but being done with pregnancy– that is a blessing too! I can hardly wait!

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