Ordinary Goodness: Interesting Blogs New and Old

Interesting Blogs I have recently run across and added to my blogroll:

Coffee and Canticles: The Divine Office in Your Life

Carmelite Mom

Suscipio: to raise up, support, maintain the authentic Catholic Woman

A Minute Captured

Laughter and Humility: G.K. Chesterton

Favorite Blogs I read every day:

What Does the Prayer Really Say

A Woman’s Place…Depends on Her Vocation

Why a Blogroll

I maintain a blogroll down the left side of my blog because I love lists of blogs.  I like keeping mine as a reference so I can easily locate a blog I liked.  I enjoy it because it might help someone else to find a blog that inspires them and helps them where they are  in life.

People put time into their blogs.  Perhaps nothing earth-shattering will come of any of our efforts but I find them edifying.

These are nice people who hope for good things.  These are people who are seeking to be even better people.  In a world where the news is filled with the stories of people who choose evil as a way of life, it is good to come online and find ordinary goodness.

I hope you are encouraged in your walk with God to add more ordinary goodness to your life.  God bless!


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