7th Day of Christmas: Saint Sylvester I, Pope

The Seventh Day within the Octave of the Nativity of the Lord; Saint Sylvester I, Pope, another article: Saint Sylvester.

Readings for the day: 1Jn 2:18-21; Ps 96; Jn 1:1-18

Today I would like to simply ask everyone to pray for a little boy named Sylvester.  He and his mom were waiting on the sidewalk for the light to change and a huge truck came around the corner and cutting it too short ran up on the sidewalk and now the little child is in the hospital in great pain.

His mother blogs at: Our Ordinary Life  and right after the accident she posted about it to ask for prayer. Since then the lawyers had her take down those posts and now she cannot give updates except to tell us they still need prayer, lots of prayer!

Here is a novena to St. Sylvester:

Novena to St. Sylvester for Baby Sly
pray once daily December 22nd to December 30th (the vigil of St. Sylvester’s feast)

(sign of the cross)
O admirable St. Sylvester, you lived through the persecutions of Diocletian and not only survived but flourished. Intercede for your namesake Sly and lay before the throne of Jesus our prayers for his recovery.

Heavenly Father, Almighty God, you chose St. Sylvester to be your pope, who would guide your Church into an era of peace. Through his intercession, kindly grant our petition that baby Sly will safely pass through this time of suffering and be completely restored to health.

Pater noster. Ave Maria. Gloria Patri. [Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.]

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.
St. Sylvester, pray for us.

(sign of the cross)

It is a private devotion rather than one conceived by the Church to be used universally but it certainly has nothing in it but Faith in God’s healing mercy and in God’s plan for the Church triumphant to add their prayers to our own.

And yes, I know she posted it for the 9 days leading up to today but it seems appropriate to offer it here for those who will pray it for the next 9 days.  God knows what is needed and we do not err in asking Him for healing for this child nor in asking for the prayers of a Saint for his namesake. Also include prayer to ask Mary for her intersession as well.

Please add this little child to your prayers. He has a very long road to recovery!

Vigil of the Solemnity of Mary: we have a Holy Day of Obligation here and there will be Masses tonight and tomorrow to give everyone an opportunity to attend Mass.  Start the year right– begin it with the worship of God in the most Holy Mass.

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