Prophesy Alive in the Catholic Church… and generally ignored

Early in 1968, Pope Paul VI listened to the reports of a committee of Catholic scholars, theologians, clergy and laypersons on what the Catholic position should be on the modern methods of artificial birth control.  He turned to God in prayer and from his official position as the representative of Christ to the world, he wrote to communicate the will of God for all Christians.

On July 25, 1968 this historic and prophetic letter, Humane Vitae, was promulgated and sent out to all the world. Many people ignored it. Few read it.  Of those who read it, many rejected its message.  In it, Pope Paul VI foretold what would come to pass if the world adopted artificial birth control. He was mocked for his words.

On March 11, 1969, the Jaffe memo was published.  Abby Johnson wrote about this memo on her blog here:  Abby Johnson’s Blog. You can read its full text here: Jaffe Memo  Or from the same link on Abby Johnson’s Blog.

Take a hard look at those two dates: Humane Vitae: 7-25-1968 and Jaffe Memo 3-11-1969.   Humane Vitae was published 9 months before the Jaffe memo.  Humane Vitae which translates to ON HUMAN LIFE was published 9 months (the length of a human gestation) before the Jaffe memo which spelled out the plan for a culture that is inimical to human life.

Humane Vitae, written by Pope Paul VI, condemned the use of all forms of artificial birth control and foretold that it would lead to an entire series of evils including abortion.  Most Catholics and the rest of the world mocked him for this condemnation of artificial birth control.  They mocked him for his predictions of the inevitable result of near universal acceptance of artificial birth control.  He spoke from the authority of being Pope and in so doing those who understand what it means that “gates of hell shall not prevail” against the Church knew that this letter is from God through this Pope. God really should not be mocked for informing His people of His will through His prophet.

The Jaffe Memo is a game plan for changes that groups such as Planned Parenthood wanted to make to the culture.  It began with artificial birth control and flowed down into darkness ever further from there.  When the Jaffe memo was published abortion was not legal.  Birth control was uncommon.

The prophesy that abortion would become commonplace as a result of the acceptance and near universal use of contraception was laughable to people in 1968.  People in 1968 said it could NEVER happen and yet it did happen.  Abortion became legal in 1972.  Forced abortions are commonplace in China and even the most extreme predictions can be found common in various countries of the world and are gradually creeping into our own.

Today, most of the Jaffe memo is the law and practice of this United States.

Today hardly anyone bothers to read Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humane Vitae or its follow up encyclical Evangelium Vitae written by Blessed Pope John Paul II and promulgated in 1995.

Sadly also most people think artificial forms of contraception are perfectly OK, including the majority of Catholics.

God will not remove free will– so unless His people choose to turn and embrace His ways, the downward slide will continue.

If the rest of the Jaffe memo becomes reality we certainly cannot say we were not warned.  God spoke through his servant Pope Paul VI and warned His people in 1968.  God then followed up with Blessed John Paul the Great’s letter on the Gospel of Life in 1995.

Will history record our period of time as one in which the people who claim to follow Jesus allowed Satan to have free reign because he promised them power over their bodies in exchange for their willing complicity in rejecting God’s clear teaching?

Neither Humane Vitae nor Evangelium Vitae are hard to find.  They are published in most languages of the world, they are readily available from several sources, including and can be read for free online at the Vatican web site and also other places on the web if one only chooses to do a search for them.

This clear and universal teaching of God is, without exception, that all forms of artificial contraception are condemned.




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