I recall that day very well.

I also recall the anger and hatred exhibited by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

I recall thinking how essential it is to pray for our enemies and ask God to bless them and how that seemed to be forgotten in the anger after.

I don’t hate those who did this, but I do hold them accountable for their actions.  I pray for our enemies and ask God to bless them even while I desire to see our borders closed so that terrorists don’t have an easy path into our country.

REMEMBER: This evil was done in the name of Islam by devout Muslims and there are MANY Muslims who AGREE with what they did and approve of suicide bombings.

REMEMBER: All over the world, there were Muslims DANCING in the streets and REJOICING at the 9/11 evils.  There were NO demonstrations of Muslims objecting to the evil.

We need not white-wash the reality behind the agendas of our enemies.  Our wanting to be friends is not going to stop them from implementing their plans.  They remain enemies until THEIR behavior changes.   We can pray for them, for their conversion, for God to forgive them, for God to bless them, but we cannot force them to choose good over evil actions.

Christians should pray for our enemies and ask God to bless those who hate us, and remember that the desired peaceful and tolerant coexistence is not the present reality.

Pray the office for the dead: HERE.


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