Defining Home Schooling

Home School should be understood to be parent and child directed without interference from any outside authority. What Is Home School? The above article does a good job laying out the issues of the new ways the government run schools have been finding to make inroads in the direction of controlling the definition.  Why? Because they seek to redefine home school enough to force it under the control of the government educational system, the same system most of us have fled because it is too broken to fix, too expensive and totally insensitive to the actual needs of our children! … Continue reading


The Little Tiger turns two today.  Time flies.  Presents are played with and given places on shelves. Fun is had. It is a little sad as well as joyful.  Joy in the growing healthy child, sadness that the baby is grown out of the baby stage and into this new level of interactions with the world.  I miss the tiny infant and yet, I love the two year old stage too. I pray that each memory I seek to make will stick with me forever, all the joy of the snuggles, the laughter, the mischievous grin before doing exactly what … Continue reading


I recall that day very well. I also recall the anger and hatred exhibited by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I recall thinking how essential it is to pray for our enemies and ask God to bless them and how that seemed to be forgotten in the anger after. I don’t hate those who did this, but I do hold them accountable for their actions.  I pray for our enemies and ask God to bless them even while I desire to see our borders closed so that terrorists don’t have an easy path into our country. REMEMBER: This evil was done … Continue reading

You CAN Home School

If you feel that you should home school, and you want to home school, and you are willing to put in the time to home school, then you are a good candidate for home schooling your own children.  For some of us, the call to home school is part of our personal vocations.  I found it to be a particularly wonderful aspect of my own vocation. HOME SCHOOL IS WORK BUT NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! It is not rocket science!  You teach your children to hold a fork and spoon correctly; you potty train them; you teach them to speak correctly; … Continue reading

Quicksilver to Gold is now an Ignatius Press Affiliate!

We are delighted to announce that our blog has been accepted as an affiliate of Ignatius Press and when you go to their web site by way of one of the Ignatius icons on this blog and make a purchase you help to support this blog. Ignatius carries MANY excellent books. Following are a few examples: Didache series:  If you look under Catechesis: Didache you will find an excellent series of exceptionally well done texts for teenage catechesis.  I recommend these books because I’ve purchased them and found them colorful and filled with orthodoxy and plenty of it.  Not light … Continue reading