CatholiCon Expo– after!

It was a really wonderful, information filled conference. Fr. Z is a fantastic speaker who got us thinking and made us laugh, the break-out sessions had really good speakers who shared a lot of great information, the banquet had totally fantastic food, and the hotel was lovely, the facilities spacious. I would definitely go to another conference like this one. What did I get out of it personally? Besides the two t-shirts?  I am challenged to let go of the comfort zone and put out into the deep. I am terrified. What will come of it has yet to be. … Continue reading

CatholiCon Expo– arrival!

CatholiCon Expo 2011 FRIDAY August 26, 2011 2:30 PM  Arrived in good order. Room is lovely, sadly there is a charge for the internet which irks me but I paid it because I need it!  It is frustrating to be at a conference for bloggers and others in media and be lacking free wifi. On the other hand, this is a VERY pretty hotel and the salad I ordered of heirloom tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, sprigs of mint and goat cheese.  It is very very GOOD. I am eating my lunch late and looking forward to running downstairs to sign in!  … Continue reading

Sewing Closet

I was checking out blogs I hadn’t looked at in awhile and found THIS.  I’ve been living with my sewing in a corner and that is beginning to be a problem with a toddler and another baby on the way, and the fact that I’m going to need that corner for the cradle and baby swing….. I would love to have a closet set up like hers.  I have a closet that is longer that would be fabulous, but it has such nice hanging rods and shelves built in that I hate to rip it up to make it into … Continue reading

Television and New Media

Years ago I had my first duplex alone.  I had no TV, no livingroom furniture, and I loved the quiet.  My mom purchased a TV for me and a couch made its way into the space.  I have NOT been overly happy with the intrusions since. When I returned to graduate school I cut off the cable and dish.  I had a TV with no ability to get programming of any sort.  It was a very GOOD thing.  We did not miss the garbage on the tube and with the internet there was no reason to miss the TV news … Continue reading

CathiliCon Expo 2011

CatholiCon Expo 2011 will be in Houston next weekend.  It is a conference about the new media efforts that the Pope has been encouraging Catholic laypersons to embrace and use for good. I’m attending because, however inexperienced, I am a blogger and trying to write things worth reading.  I will be attending break-out sessions which are listed on the web site here.  Clarecamp is an opportunity to learn about effective use of the internet so that perhaps my blog might become something special. I am thrilled that there will be Mass in the Extraordinary Form and breaks for daily prayer. … Continue reading

I needed to share…

I was browsing and ran across this wonderful blog post shared by “A Woman’s Place…” It was just so touching.  I cannot imagine life without my children.  I sit here typing this short post with one hand because the other arm is holding the Little Tiger who is cuddly this morning.  I feel very blessed this morning. Enjoy the post. … Continue reading

Unintended Heresies

Catholic Teaching is a beautifully simple thing even in its complexity.  Every word has meaning, every phrase is the result of centuries of thinking and prayer and the fruit of MANY discussions and the decisions of ecumenical councils.  It is a rock on which to build one’s house.  Solid in the storms that come because it is the Truth about God. I have a favorite Marian hymn which I sing with a single word changed from the original.  Why would I do this?  I make the one word change in this fine song because as it is worded it reflects … Continue reading

Home Education and the Faith

Home Educators seek to teach the Faith to their children and do a superior job when free to choose their own materials and do the job given to them by God as part of their vocation.  The superiority of home school is well documented (try links from the HSLDA site to read them for yourself).   This carries over into teaching the Catholic Faith to our children.  Home School children learn the faith very well but somehow this fact is missed by some of our Bishops. “Bishop Vasquez believes Catholic education, and in particular Catholic school education, is an essential part … Continue reading