Awesome Priests

I was browsing the internet for another post I plan to make and came across a comment about Catholic Priests who pray the prayers of exorcism outside of abortion clinics.  All I could think was COOL!!  Another blogger at the blog Coming Home quoted the article and there were some good comments on that blog: here. Although I found the initial reference on the blog Barefoot and Pregnant.

These priests are awesome!

Just sayin’

Here is something I pray for priests and bishops:

Dear God, please give great strength to the guardian angels of all priests and bishops. Please give great orthodoxy and courage to priests and bishops and let them be like St. Athanasius, St. John Chyrsostom, St. John Vianney, Blessed Miguel Pro and Blessed John Paul II.  Bless them, guide them in virtues, and help them be brave enough to teach the fullness of Your Truth at every opportunity no matter the cost.  Thank you for good and holy priests and bishops. Amen.


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