I Have Met Supermom!!!


I recently read an article in the Texas Home School Coalition Review (August 2011, Vol. 15, Issue 3)* titled “Insights From a Supermom Wannabe” in which the author made the conclusion, “Supermom does not exist.” and my instant response was, “Yes she does and I know who she is!”

This mother demonstrated utter faith in God, total obedience to God’s will, a deep humility in her own person, modesty in all her actions, dedication to her vocation, patience in adversity, kindness to others, and an eagerness to serve God no matter what it was going to cost her.  She was supportive of relatives who needed her, followed her husband no matter how difficult the journey, and with her husband taught her son the skills needed for life, Faith in God, a strong work ethic, solid skills, and even things like reading.

She was and is supermom.

Her name is Mary.  You too can meet her in the pages of Scripture.


* Texas’s Home School legal aid go to organization, but Catholics, don’t expect Catholic curriculum vendors to be found in the pages of their magazine because they aren’t there.

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