Support Groups and Heatlh

I’m hating the fat suit and doing something about it.  I’m changing my eating habits and am participating on a forum full of other people struggling the same way as I am struggling and who are cheering each other on and losing weight together.

Personally, I have decided that I don’t want to be tied to the scale as the measure of my success.  I am choosing to measure based on excess energy availability and the fit of my clothing.  For example, yesterday I wore a skirt that hits the top of my shoes and is thus a very long skirt.  It is beginning to ride closer to my natural waist as the belly fat melts away and getting TOO LONG.  This is a great feeling.  Sharing this on the support forum will encourage others and bring me emails cheering my progress.

Being part of a group of people struggling with the same issues, and sharing about them helps to keep me on track.  We all need to hear from people who really do know how you feel when you discover a piece of clothing that was too tight now fits again.  Or who really relate to the concept of being a person in a fat suit.

That is a good thing.  I feel great hope as I read the threads where someone has shared their struggles, the initial weight loss, the plateaus, the little change-ups they make the break through to the next loss, the falling off the low carb wagon, self forgiveness and persevering in their diets to gain better health.

This is inspiring stuff!

Going alone is not recommended.  The Scriptures tell us that a friend is a blessing and two together will aid each other when one falls.  That is why friends, real friends, are so valuable.  That is also why support groups can be beneficial.  Also on my side, supporting me in this determined effort toward health is my husband.  The vocation of marriage is supposed to be the ultimate way to lift each other when you fall.  It is the ultimate in mutual support and the goal of mutual growth toward being the persons we are meant to be and in fulfilling our vocations in this world.

If I have a bad day and succumb to a near occasion of sin and eat that candy bar, well, I can tell the group and get little messages of encouragement back.  The group I joined in online is a public forum, but filled with people like me being honest about being fat and working hard to get out of their fat suits.

Please, beloved God bless them all!

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