Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary–recommendation

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary is a wonderfully orthodox school for the development of priests who know the Extraordinary form of the Mass and have studied in great depth the truths of our Faith and are prepared to give sound homilies.

This is the seminary for the English speaking members of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter which was established by Blessed John Paul II in the year 1988.  The training the men receive from the fraternity is highly orthodox, along the lines of St. Thomas Aquinas, and incorporates Vatican II properly.

For someone seeking a place worthy of donations to further the work of God, I recommend this one.

I donate at Christmas when Christmas cards are available.  The cards include a novena of masses said for the person receiving the card and if you want them prayed for by name you include a list of their names which will then be read at the masses. You make a donation and tell them how many cards you need.  Generally, I make up my list of people who I would like to give a novena of masses, then I make my donation but only ask for the number of cards I will actually send.  I like to have many more people prayed for than I am likely to send a card.

I particularly like the idea that my donation is helping to train priests and that I’m getting all the special people in my life some extra prayer!  Efficient use of my donation money IMO. 🙂

If you make a donation now (even a small one) that will get you on the mailing list for things like the Christmas Cards.

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