Drafting one’s own patterns yahoo group

Anyone interested in making their own patterns?  I found this great yahoo group here.  How-to-Make-Sewing-Patterns which is also a book that can be found on Amazon.com here.

I haven’t yet read the book, but it is in my cart waiting for me to have enough money to make a book order.  I’m excited about it because the comments on the book indicate it is good for learning to draft a pattern for a less than perfect body!

This is important because most women do not have the “perfect” body; you know the one I mean, tall, thin, just barely an hourglass shape, long legs, every curve is slight and very few darts are needed to fit that body– in other words very different from the average woman who is shorter, with more curves, and all sorts of special needs for getting a good fit.

My example? Short, chubby, hourglass but kinda SQUASHED because of a very short waist but a large bust and big hips– this means it is really difficult to get something fitted that isn’t too tight in the shoulders, or in the bust, or bags in the back, or gapes over the bust, or rides up!  There are just so many CURVES to fit and patterns rarely fit right, and off the rack in a store is even worse.  Then to make it even more frustrating, that short waist requires a bit of work in the cut of the garment to lower the waist a bit to give an illusion of a bit longer waist area so as to avoid the SACK with a ROPE around the middle look.

This is why my sewing is so important to me.  I’m tired of the only good comfortable curve hugging but not too tight tops to come from knits in the form of t-shirts with various neck-lines. I’m tired of frumpy clothing when I prefer style.

I’d like some blouses!  NOT the huge sack with buttons I’ve resorted to in the past but real blouses. Darts and tucks to get a pretty fit that is tasteful and modest.  Pretty blouses that fit properly and feel comfortable.

So I joined this group that sounds interesting and possibly quite helpful and I’m ordering the book as soon as I am able.

Someday I will have the wardrobe of my dreams!

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