Old Catholic Music: Dies Irae, dies illa

I love old hymns.  Especially ones that were meant to be sung during worship of God in the holy Mass.  Hymns of the Breviary and Missal is a marvelous site. The web site has tons of historical notes which are just an incredible resource about the music.  It explains concepts that, due to the age of the music, might not be so easily understood. If you love Hymnology I recommend that you go enjoy this web site and explore the depths of the entire project. I enjoy all the music of the Church.  Even hymns which seem dark on the … Continue reading

Issues of Faith: Decrees of Nullity

Civil Marriage is what the government does, Sacramental Marriage may occur at the same time as a civil marriage but they are not the same thing.  A civil marriage can end in divorce, a Sacramental Marriage cannot. SACRAMENTAL MARRIAGE is a permanent bond.  Death is the only parting of two souls bound in a Sacramental Marriage.  This bond is so important that EVERYTHING depends on the answer to the question, “Was this marriage that ended in divorce merely a civil marriage or DID A SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE EXIST?” The authority in the Church with the responsibility for discerning through careful … Continue reading