Wubbie’s Woofs: The JOY of a good leash

My human has owned dogs her entire life so she came to me pretty well trained. That has been a wonderful thing for me because I have been taught good things from before my eyes even opened.

She is a good human. She has done a bit of obedience and agility training (but I must say she is too slow to make a good Agility human), bred a few quality health and temperament tested litters (including ME), showed a few dogs to conformation champions (like 15 of my relatives!) and studied to be an AKC judge.  In recent years she left the dog show world to return to her job of enjoying the family dog (ME!) and helping me to train another generation of humans in how to be responsible dog owners and the kind of humans who deserve good dogs like ME!

My human talks about all the leashes she has owned, she tells me there are a lot of options out there but we only use two kinds of leash in this family.  I love leashes because they mean I get to GO!


First is what is sometimes called a British Style Slip Lead.  This link will take you to my favorite source:  British Style Slip Lead

These are the leashes we keep hanging up anywhere and everywhere and carry in the car and truck. This is the quick leash for going to the car and into the crate for going places. I love this kind of leash because it means I get to go for a ride.  My human says these are the leashes for when you need a quick lead and the dog is not wearing a collar or if you don’t trust the collar to stay on.

To use the slip lead, the loop goes over my head and the ring is snugged down to a comfortable snugness at the narrowest part of my neck and my human pushes the little leather stop into place so that the slip leash won’t open back up and release me.  I don’t want to get lost so I am glad this leash has a little leather stopper!

In an emergency this sort of leash is particularly good because they do not require a collar to be used.  Collars need to be sized and if put on too loose will not hold me and I could get lost.  The slip lead gets tighter and helps keep me safe!  If a collar would damage a coat you are preparing for the show ring, these are also essential since your micro-chipped dogs won’t be wearing collars (I have a micro-chip too but I also wear tags).

These are the leads to use for Agility. I don’t wear a collar when doing agility for safety reasons.  I LOVE agility!  I have heard that when you are in competition or training in a fenced area it is safer not to wear the collar.  Did you know whole families get involved with the fun of dog agility and it is a great way to increase the strength of the relationship with your dog. Anyway, it is fun for ME!


I love obedience class. My human is not too slow for obedience. These are the links for some really wonderful leather training leashes. My human loves her leather leashes.  I like the way they smell and that they mean I get to go for a car ride or a walk!  OR it can mean we go TRAINING which is the most fun. My human likes the braided leather leashes best but that is because she thinks they are pretty.  I don’t care myself as long as I get to GO!

Plain Leather training leads

Braided Leather Training Leads

Five to Six foot is the ideal length for a training lead.  I enjoy how nicely broken in my human’s leashes have become, but I hear they were a bit more stiff when new and got even nicer with use.  I especially love how I can smell the happy times my relatives had with this human, a lot of dogs have worn my leather training leash. The company carries matching collars but my human uses rolled leather collars to hold our tags and various types of training collars for when we are going to work.

We dogs live for a relationship with our humans and it is very important to us that you have nice training leashes because they bring you humans pleasure.  Good tools increase the time you spend training, which makes us more like family members and you humans are happier with us when we know how to act and having you happy with us makes us happy. Get that? Training us dogs makes us happy.

So buy yourselves some nice leashes and find a great training class and lets all get trained!

That way everybody wins.



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