Vocation, Parents and Religious Education

A vocation that includes marriage and children brings with it the rights and responsibilities related to that vocation.  Due to their vocation, parents have a responsibility to educate their children. This includes religious education. In an article found here a Msgr. Barreiro said, “it is absolutely clear that parents are the primary educators of their children”. Some individuals (found in the link above) insist that religious education (teaching the catechism) is the domain of the pastor and not the parents; others in the same article place the primary responsibility on the parents.  To better decide who is correct let us … Continue reading

Vocation and Marriage

Vocations come in many shapes and sizes.  A person already married clearly has a vocation to marriage, or at least has chosen to have one even if that had not previously been in the plan of life. Marriage, like Holy Orders, is a sacrament that is meant to be for life.  Once married, all discussions of an individual unique vocation for the married person must include marriage as an undisputed element in that vocation. Marriage, by seeking to live it fully in the Christian way, is a powerful means of sanctification in my life.  The struggles married people have to … Continue reading