Wednesday Blogging and Laundry

A plan of life includes time for every essential, or it should do so.  Blogging is something I do for many reasons.  To share about my journey, my midlife transitions, and moving into my personal vocation in a new way are all reasons why I chose to blog.

It requires learning to use new technologies better.  I’d jumped into the internet reluctantly. No, lets be honest, 20 years ago I was dragged kicking and screaming into the internet age and discovered I enjoyed Compuserve.  Later, when Compuserve was bought out and began to change in ways many of us old time users didn’t like, I transitioned into a regular internet connection and began to explore the great cyber ocean.

I’m still here.  Connected fully as much as my children but not yet comfortable with the new networking.  I don’t text for example, nor do I use a phone to surf the net.  I am still quite happy with the amazing technology of a phone that is ONLY a phone but does not need to be attached to the wall with a cord.  I use a blue-tooth and it is a marvelous development.  I can talk to my friends even while doing dishes thanks to a little bug in my ear!

I use a laptop and my beloved husband who is very comfortable with technology has me hooked up so that without a wire, my computer works from anywhere in the house.  I love it.  It is so far removed from the tandy computers and simple tape player for program storage that it feels like magic.

Today is laundry day and I have been doing laundry and working on tweaking my blog.  I’m really new at this blogging.  WordPress is wonderful, but new to me and the help pages assume a level of fluid skill with technology I lack. I’m learning quite slowly, but doing as much as I can for myself is important.  It is after all my blog, something I am doing as part of my own personal vocation.  I may not be the only writer but that doesn’t change that this is my dialog with the world out there.

In my plan of life, I wonder if Wednesdays will become my blog and laundry days or if I will blog several days a week and merge the blog time with other basic household chores.

The washing machine is singing its happy “I’ve completed the cycle” tune. Bye for now.

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