The Yearly Retreat

Tomorrow is the day I go on retreat.

Once a year it is good to get away for a couple of days and take the time to think about where life is going and if changes are needed.   I’ve not done this exact type of retreat before, one that is directed and intended for spiritual growth.  In the past, I have attended various conferences, taken a room by myself and taken time between events and in the evenings to do my thinking and praying about the direction of my life.  Done this way even a conference without any religious component can serve.

This year I am putting into practice a new commitment I have to make a religious retreat.

At this point I have no idea what I think of retreats that are purely religious in nature. Many people have made this practice their own and gained great good from it, so I have no doubt that I will gain from the experience; what I’m wondering is if a retreat specifically religious in nature will yield any greater benefit than my quiet times alone during conferences.

This year I have some serious questions about my vocation and the lack of progress I am making on what I thought was the path I was meant to take.  I need to do some soul searching and thinking and praying.  I seriously hope it helps clarify God’s will in my life.




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