Home School

Home Schooling is nothing more or less than parent led education of family members, usually children, where the parent determines the scope and sequence, curriculum, hours of study, methods of teaching, teaches, guides, disciples and in general takes parenting to the next logical step.

Essential and complex skills such as learning to speak and becoming potty trained are handled perfectly well by parents so why not teach other things as well?  Taking language acquisition to the next level and teaching a child to convert spoken communication into written is no more complex than teaching them to speak in the first place.  A parent chosen curriculum and some time are all that is needed for the child to master this essential skill.

“Be Not Afraid” John Paul II spoke these words to the world and during his pontificate he wrote extensively on topics essential to the family.  His body of work expresses God’s love for parents and children and His desire for successful fulfillment of the vocation given to parents of these beloved children of God.

There will be no apologies on this blog for our stance that home education is essential to a healthy country.  Where parents rights are limited and their goals for their children thwarted by intrusive laws and intrusive government officials you will find the same fascism as Nazi Germany.  Parents have the God given rights and obligations to guide and educate the young and must not be oppressed.

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